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GYPSY DASH CAM – The Wireless Dash Cam with Night Vision


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GYPSY DASH CAM – A simple wireless dash camera for your car that roams with you wherever you are vacationing. It is your best companion in your travels, that you just cannot leave the home without!

The Gypsy Cam can record any time of the day or night with night vision LEDS for night recording. It makes your scenic drive more memorable as it records every beautiful twists and turns along the way for your viewing later and making it a part of your vacation video. You can start or stop the recording instantly. It comes with dash mount and the video can be recorded on a SD card (micro memory card included) up to 6 hours in 1080p and longer in lower resolution. The video can be transferred to your computer with the cables (included) or even can be viewed on a TV.

There is so much fun to have a recording of a deer crossing or a horse coming close to your car window or the approaching shoreline of a beach or a distant mountain on a long stretch of highway.

It also has a 2.4 inch color screen to view the video as you are recording it or when played back later.

Camera with Night Vision
Lithium Battery with charging cable for the car
8gb SD card included for up to 6 hours of video recording in 1080P
AV cable for connecting to TV
2.4 inch Color screen to see what is recording or playing back

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Gypsy Dash Cam


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