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Sound Sense Bluetooth Earphone With Portable Charging Box


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Dual Chamber Wireless Bluetooth Earphones With Charging Box with error correction built ingiving you a crisp clear sound every time. The earphones are compatiblewith Apple or Android phones with Bluetooth capabilitythey also work with your tablet, laptop or computer as long as Bluetoothis enabled.

Get quick connectivitywith Bluetooth 5.0 and charging box that is simple and fits in your pocket. they come in White or Black Colors and a charging box and cable to the USB port for charging are included. It has a touch sensor to answer the call or to give a voice command to your phone.

A full chargewill allow you to use the headphone for12hourswith normal use (90 mins a day) or8 hours of continuous use. Also works with an iPad or a desktop computer.

Standby power is for 7 days.

Compatible with all voice command features.

All Apple devices will work with this earphone

Android any device with Bluetooth will work.

You get :

  • Pair of Earphone
  • Charging Box
  • ChargingCable via USB port.

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